How Is Khadi Made

Last week we announced our new collection themed around Khadi; The Khadi Shop and we also launched two Khadi shirts to begin with.

Before we launched The Khadi Shop, we went on to learn more about the fabric and did some research. We read blogs, articles, talked to local Khadi and Village Industries Commission in order to gain as much information as possible to make our products more rooted and fit for the current market needs.

We're sure not many people know about this heritage fabric, but would be very much interested in learning more about Khadi.

So, to help you learn more about the Khadi fabric we've created an Infographic that breaks down exactly how the Khadi fabric is made, it's history and what Gandhi believed and what designers think about the fabric. 

We hope you'll enjoy this. Remeber to share it on social media if you like it, we're counting on ya!

How Is Khadi Made Infographic

Here're our first two products we launched last week, more coming soon.