A Guide to Men's Shoes-Infographic – LIFESTYLE BY PS

A Guide to Men's Shoes - Infographic

A Guide to Men's Shoes-Infographic

A Guide to Men's Shoes-Infographic

Choosing the right type of shoes can be tricky at times, just go with one to match your dress,occasion and of course your style. Here's an Interesting Infographic from groomu.co.uk to help you choose the right shoes for you.

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A Guide to Men's Shoes-Infographic

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  • Hardik

    Its a lovely infographic…but i dont see the “chelsea boots” anywhere which i guess are quite in-thing for professions like the architects, designers and journalist where wearing a jeans is a part of daily attire..

    moreover in the socks section..where it says keep the fancy ones at home..i would say it depends..adding a colour and pattern there is a good option if your entire attire is monotonous..

    but all in all its quite a handy info…keep floating more of this..!!

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