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All Plains No Checks, Makes Jack a Dull Employee.

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I respect your choice to go all plain and shout through specific colors but accept it, it’s boring, eventually. We men already have a limitation in the array of attires we can flaunt, so why pile one more aspect to it. Yes we understand that a corporate world has horrified us with a concept of formal dressing that says “light shirt and dark trousers”, but hasn’t the world changed from the stereotype notions. Hasn’t shopping gone e-commerce, hasn’t advertising gone social-media than why we men can’t change our dressing style.

So today what “I am Mr.” wants to share is, adding checks-patterned shirt to that wardrobe and still look apt professional. Check the illustrative below for how well you can play with checks, and if at any point you get lost, you can always call “I am Mr.” for their dedicated men’s styling consultation.


Patterns checks

Keep the Suit monochrome, vary the pattern of checks for shirts, wear a tie and a pocket square that matches any one color in the checks-pattern of the shirt, but make sure you don’t mix too many colors and patterns in one single assembly.



Break Rules, Go Bold. Add highlighting colors to the assembly via tie, pocket square, blazers or even the shirt. But make sure that you pick only one item in the whole attire that shouts, keep everything else subtle.



This is BASIC – shirts, trouser and tie. Get a nice plaid/ checks shirts, pick the color from that pattern you find to go most comfortable with and BOOM – splash that colour on your tie. But if you are one of those creative-heads who are greedy, pick two colors from that shirt and compliment it in the tie.



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fashion ebooks
fashion ebooks

fashion ebooks

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