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Baba black sheep, have you any ‘COLORED WOOLS’?

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Few days back I went for a dinner with this very beautiful lady I know. She is quite charming and but that night it was her red-cardigan that “bowled” me over. It was that soothing “merry x-mas red”, a festive splash which I am sure is a delight to see for any winter lovers. Eventually over the meal I told her that I would want one of those cardigans for myself, and she gave me that “are you kidding me eye-pops”. We ended the conversation there but on my way back home I was feeling strange as to why is it that men can’t try colors in this lovely snow-flakes season, why is their “baba sheep in the hue of BLACK, always”?

So to change the perception of those color-clad beauties, I today want to take a stand for us – The Men and illustrate how to add color this winter But before I go any further here’s the Statutory Warning: Please do not try this at home, but be confident and stylish to hit the road

Colored Sweater/ Cardigans

Colored Knitware

Colored sweaters are a dandy mid-layering between the suit coat and the shirt within whereas a bright cardigan can be a smarter and chic replacement to the vest in a 3-piece suit. But make sure, you don’t add too many color, just one-highlighter and you should be ready to go.

Colored Scarves/ Gloves/ Hat

Colored Scrfs and Caps

I know many men who prefer being subtle – Monochromatic. For them scarves, hat or even gloves could be a nice way to cheer up their winter looks. Winter accessories are one good way to add colors but make sure that there aren’t many colors on your outfit. If you have already colored your attire with a sweater/ cardigan makes sure the accessory is dull and vice versa. Too many colors might make you look like a clown.


By Hardik Gandhi

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  • Ludmila

    ooh! Can’t wait to check out your DIY, I’d never be brave enough to pull off that look.Deka: that was me too!Couture Carrie: it’s so true, but now I wish I could rivele my teenage years so that I could have longer to be more fashion adventurous!@Nini’s Style: Thx Nini! Coming from you, that’s quite a compliment :)

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