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The Personal Touch

Men’s Accessories

During a tete-a-tete with PS from lifestylebyps about what is beyond the fabrics and style that we often miss to mention or highlight, my come back was nothing more than this “My Wristaband”.

Yeah, it is true, and I am sure it is with many of you men too who wouldn’t leave their house without that one thing: may be your bands, bracelets, ear-rings, rings or even a necklace. Though capturing a tiny space in that style-ensemble of yours, this one thing is more than ammo from the cannon to kill many or few.

Jewellery has been worn, fought for and flaunted by men since civilizations, which now are the artifacts in the various museums. Back then it was a symbol of wealth, pride and power. Today, it is a part of a daily life showcasing personal style and an edge over the mediocre. They are men who are less concerned of how the world perceives them; all they believe is to be an individual.

When asked the fairer sex for their views on how they see these men as, and trust me the reactions were outlandish. Few had a loud no whereas few were fine with one’s with a nice ring and one to the horror said “men have a habit of competing with us”.

Let me make it clear here. This accessory to us is what make-up is to you (read “the ladies”). Rather than taking this initiative as one more competition to the “who’s the stronger SEX” we try to put it as an inspiration we have embraced from the ancient times and at times from you (females) also. So let’s not be judgmental and check out men, like me, across the globe and e-stores where you can buy some of this.


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By Hardik Gandhi

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fashion ebooks
fashion ebooks

fashion ebooks

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