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So, You Want to be a Fashion Designer, Huh ?


This post is inspired from one of our live chat on our website.

We saw a visitor reading through one of our ‘Top Indian Fashion Designers’ post for quite long, so our representative couldn’t stop but ask is there a way we can help you.

The person on the other side replied with, “hiieee…m preparing for nift entrance, so just goin thru fashion news and persons”.

So, we jumped to our blog and found a couple of more articles written about Indian designers and sent links of those articles to the visitor, and wished a good luck for the entrance exam.

See the Chat Transcript

Chat Transcript

And that was all. But, after a few hours we thought there are a lot of people who would be searching for such information while preparing for their NIFT entrance exams.

So to help all of you, we’ve put together a post including all the useful information we think that can help you learn about the fashion industry and help you prepare better for your entrance exams.

So, here you go....

  1. NIFT Website
  2. Apply Online
  3. Fashion Glossary
  4. NIFT 2014 Syllabus
  5. NIFT Prospectus
  6. NIFT Campuses


We couldn't say how authentic this piece is this, but there are a lot of information that could of great help to you.


NIFT Admission Process

All candidates are shortlisted based on their performance in the entrance tests. Candidates for the design programs will undergo a Creative Ability Test and a General Ability Test. Technology and Management students will undergo a Managerial Ability test and General Ability Test.


NIFT Admission Forms & FAQs

Candidates can apply for Admissions, by following any one of the procedures given below: and some Important things to keep in mind


Top Men's Fashion Designers and Brands

Whoever said fashionable clothing is just for the ladies clearly has never seen these top fashion designers for men. Designing and producing the top looks in men's t-shirts, pants, shoes and accessories, these fashion designers remain at the top of the industry for men's clothing. From the classic Prada and Dolce & Gabbana to the newer styles from Alexander McQueen and Michael Bastian, these top men's clothing designers are dressing today's sharp dressed men around the globe.


List of 21 Best - Fashion Designers in India

List of 21 Best - Fashion Designers in India - Vote for Your Favorite indian designer. Today, Indian Fashion designers are well known faces in the International Fashion Industry.


Top Fashion Designers in India

The fashion industry in India has seen significant growth in recent times. Indian fashion was unknown before some great designers helped bring Indian fashion to the limelight. Now Indian designers command an immense amount of respect even in international fashion circuits & this in turn has helped garner a worldwide recognition for Indian fashion on the whole


3 Indian Menswear Designers who believe in doing things differently.

3 Indian Menswear Designers who believes in doing things differently - These designers showcased their exquisite menswear collection at Lakme Fashion Week SUMMER/RESORT 2013


GenNext Fashion Designers - India

10 GenNext Fashion Designers   PS introduce you to GenNext designers who showcased their work last year at Lakme Fashion Week's GenNext event.


19 Indians Shaping The Global Fashion Industry - #BoF500

The Business of Fashion (BoF) is on of those daily essential resource for all the fashion forward people around the world. It has surely of the must-read blog for everyone n the fashion Industry.  BoF has announced BoF500, a list of the 500 most influential names in the global fashion industry. To be clear, the BoF 500 is not a crude ranking, nor a simple list of names, but an ever-evolving index of fashion’s most dynamic global players, say the editor.


Fashion Design Council of India

Over the years Fashion Design Council of India has worked to provide a platform for Indian Fashion Designers with the aim of promoting Indian Fashion Wear in domestic as well as International arenas. The clear goal is to endorse and encourage designers grow their brands locally and internationally.


Top Fashion Weeks in India

India is gaining popularity as the fashion hub for the fashionistas with an increasing number of fashion events for designers to showcase their precious talents. Let’s take a look at the top fashion weeks in India.


LFW List of Fashion Designers

Check out the list of fashion designers associated with Lakme Fashion Week.


FDCI Fellow Designer Members

Here's an alphabetical list of FDCI fellow designer members.


Hope this helps and do let us know if we've missed out on any important information in the comments below. Please share this with your friend who is preparing for the NIFT exams

by Samay Mehta

Samay Mehta is the chief content curator and co-founder of PS. You can find him on and Twitter.


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    Heyi… I really wanna thank you for this article…its helpful..
    Bt I just wanted to knw that I hv applied for FDDI entrance…is that compatible to nift??
    Will these infos be helpful for d same??
    Plz help…

  • Hardik

    That for a CAUSE…Highly appreciate this gesture of yours..keep going…Cheers

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fashion ebooks
fashion ebooks

fashion ebooks

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