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Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

We stumbled upon this awesome Infographic recently from community, where they investigate about the accuracy of the labeled waistline on your jeans. We must say it's kinda shocking to see how big brands are faking these sizing labels.

Here's what they did.

"Upon reading Esquire’s article featuring a pants-size comparison and the real-life truths of vanity sizing in 2010, we thought we’d perform a little test of our own. So we headed to the mall armed with a measuring tape, a keen scientific eye and the gratifying sense that we were doing something devious. In the end, we measured the waistlines of 14 popular brands of jeans. Each pair was labeled as having a 34″ waist, but the infographic we created below will show you just how how (dis)honest those labels can be."

Pants Size Comparision Infographic

The Infographic Originally appeared on Blog GentleManual- Read more about their investigation here - A PANTS-SIZE COMPARISON: INVESTIGATION REVISITED

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fashion ebooks
fashion ebooks

fashion ebooks

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