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10 Characteristics happy and lovable gentleman have

Everybody (Me, You, and those insanely gorgeous females) loves to hang around with happy and inspiring people.

Happy Gentleman

Do you agree?

Just think of a happy person you met last time, and remember the time you spend with him. It was fantastic, right?

You adore him; you always refer to him as a good person.

Sure, being a gentleman is much more than just being happy and lovable. There are many sartorial rules that you should follow.

But, those I will discuss some other day, for now let’s assume you’re already sartorially sorted.

And let’s look into these simple things you can learn by just observing happy gents closely.

So, here are 10 things they do to make their life and the lives of people around them better.

1.They live simply.

They follow simple rules. They stay away from the clutter.They let go of the unnecessary. Be it in the way they dress, or the way they eat, simplicity is at the core of everything they do.

They avoid confusing discussions; they never get involved in any kind of arguments. They inspire others with their simplistic approach to life.For them complexity is the enemy.

2. They always inspire others.

Wherever they are, the true gentlemen inspire those around them. Be it through their work, sport or even when having the garden party.

Showing someone down, discouraging or even not giving someone a helping hand is never in the gentleman’s ethics.

3. They are truthful.

Both to themselves and to those around them. Whatever the circumstances, they find a way to convey the true message, saving the pain and guilt of manipulation and false perceptions about them.

You will never find a true gentleman falsely praising you or bragging about his achievements, any more than he has. On the other side, modesty is one of the common gestures.

4. They are adaptive, co-operative and spontaneous.

We often don’t land up in the best of situations we desire to. That makes us grumpy and frustrated. But not them.

They adapt to the circumstances, make the best of what they have, co-operate with the team and make spontaneous decisions, making it easy for them and even easier for those relying on him.

5. They are honest.

Well, anyone can quote that ‘honesty is the best policy’. But in true life, very few follow it well.

The gentlemen are honest, in the best of ways. Be it about their capabilities, achievements or even possessions. For them, courtesy and honesty go hand in hand.

6. They don’t Judge.

No one likes to be judged, but more often than not, most of us judge others. The gentlemen understand that the majority of judgments we make about each other and even the things around us are often false and misinformed.

Through their own experiences, they believe that life is a perpetual learning process and everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses. So, instead of judging, they rely on their core strengths of inspiring, helping and encouraging others around them to do better.

7. They are humorous.

What better ice-breaker than a good laugh. They tend to blend-in with the crowd through their amazing sense of humor, making those intense corporate luncheons (and even dinners with in-laws) lighter and instantly making friends with those around, even if they met for the first time.

8. They are good Listeners.

Most of us can be amazing talkers. We often tell (even to ourselves) that we listen. But to really listen, that’s an art, and it takes a lot of patience. These men have it all.

They not only listen to you completely, but even grasp the un-said words, the feelings/expectations behind them and your hidden plea for them to do something about it.

9. They are well mannered.

Good manners are as core to a gentleman, as being hygienic and well dressed & trimmed at all times. However bad the day has been, they never let it affect their well-mannered persona.

Turns out, it often helps people around to lift their spirit and make things better. For them, manners don’t count just when they are dining with their bosses or in-laws, but in everything they do, even if nobody is there to judge them.

10. They are a good sport.

Whether out on the field playing ball, or in a corporate meeting convincing the investors, they are always a good sport. Taking things in the positive way and cheering others for their achievements, never letting someone down, and most important, never shy of taking the blame when it comes to responsibility.

The gentlemen like to win, but never at the cost of their honor, credibility and self-respect. With that they bring immense respect for themselves and what they stand for.

Final Words

So, you want to be loved by people around you?

Simply follow these rules.

Happiness is the universal language, happiness is contagious and it knows no barriers. It just keeps spreading.

We all aspire to experience more of it, yet we don’t do much about it.

The first step to getting happiness and being loved is by giving happiness and love others first.

So, what other characteristic you think a true gentleman has? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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Written by Pavan Ladkani 

Pavan Ladkani is a co-founder of PS. You can find him on Google+ and Twitter.

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