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Sketch Collection

Sketch Collection

Tees from Sketch Collection | PS

Most of the things made in this world are by hand. A sketch is one such medium, spontaneously giving shape to a thought. Free flow of lines and curves create a shape giving it a solitary effect, sometimes meaning something, sometimes not, but always keeping the curiosity factor alive.


The designs selected for this collection vary from silhouette sketches to free flow deviant art forms. A few of these also contain a strong messages conveyed in the form of raw strokes keeping the graphics more humane.


Cyan Art. Free-flow lines drenched in vibrant colour make a chaotic scribble into a deviant art. When put on a tee in a cross from shoulder to waist, it gives a unique and continuous flowing effect.


Hold on. To be courageous, to persevere and to hold on, are some of the most essential entities required in life. As is well said, sometimes that’s all we have, to hold on until the dawn. A light coloured sketch on a dark tee depicts this quote.


Sketchman. The man, always aspiring for power and muscle, shown here in forms of sketchy lines is such a man. Printed in white on a amber tee in full length creates a unique PS effect.


Wind Tide. The wind blows at the sea and creates a tide (or whatever your imagination lets you create). The graphic in full and white from shoulder to waist on a green tee gives a vibrant and appealing effect.

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