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Men's guide to loafers

Men's guide to loafers

As I was getting ready to write about How to Pick a right loafers for men, I came across this well-written article that pretty much covers all the bases. I just had to share it with you guys. Why reinvent the wheel if it was already invented, right?

The quickest, most stylish way out the door this season? A pair of slip-on loafers – now leaner, meaner and dressier than ever. Here’s quick guide to pulling off the all-year-round staple. 

Look 1 - Everyday Casual


Men's T-shirt V  Men's Cardigan  Men's Jeans

Men's Sunglasses  Men's Bracelet  Men's Loafers 

Look 2 - Sophisticated


Men's White Shirt  Men's Blazer  Men's Trousers

Men's Belt  Men's Bags  Men's Loafers

Look 3 - Preppy


Men's Casual Shirts  Men's Casual Blazer  Men's Trousers 

  Men's pocket square india  Men's Casual Loafers

Current Season Loafers

Men's red loafer  Men's Leather Loafer  Men's Moc

Men's Loafers 1  Men's floater loafer  Alberto torresi Loafers


Loafers are a great footwear alternative regardless of season. They are perfect for the summer months, tap into many of the current big trends and are versatile enough to adapt to any future trends as well. Plus you can easily incorporate a air into any of your timeless and classic looks; definitely worth the investment. 


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fashion ebooks
fashion ebooks

fashion ebooks

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