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Short Story by I am Mr.

Short Story by I am Mr. - Street style Look  guide for Men

Strret look guide for men 

“Short-Story by Iam Mr.”  - The Look 

It’s been a while PS has showcased a story on complete attires and styling on its blog and thus to get that guilt out or say start a new chapter, its invites Hardik Gandhi (founder and advisor for Iam Mr.) to write a brief on a look he likes and then helps us guys to shop the similar attire, here down in India

“Short-Story"..this happens to be one of my favorite dress codes in this warm weather..where you want to “Suit-up” but still want to feel a bit comfortable and rebellious to face this “Sunny Bunny” with a style. The look wears the tones of browns and khakis, a subtle colour highlighting the body tone such that the whole attire speaks for itself.

The “Oxford Shirt” with a tinge of Green in checkered tie and a casual blazer over the “SHORTS” shouts out elegantly enough that: “Beat the HEAT”.

Lastly, the efforts in accessorizing the attire with that brown bag and camouflaged print sunglasses is worth every glance that you get from those beautiful ladies out there. 

The Look

Mens street style look 

Shop the Look

1.      Blazer:

2.      Shirts:

3.      Tie:

4.      Bag:

5.      Shorts:

6.      Belt:

7.      Tie2:

8.      Shoes:

9. Sunglasses:

About the Author

Hardik is a dedicated Men Style advisor and the founder of Iam Mr., a site dedicated to help and guide men in India, not only to look global but to behave global as well. Iam Mr. focuses on personal styling, dinning and civic etiquettes, wardrobe shopping and advisory. In a nutshell it works towards “Creating a Gentleman”.

Get in touch with him:


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fashion ebooks

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