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Minimal T-shirts Are Coming Back

Minimal t-shirt for men online in India

Yes, Minimal t-shirts are coming back. Last year around the same time we launched our minimal t-shirt collection.

We launched 12 designs last year. This year we're planning to launch more. Our first four designs are available on now. We are hoping to get our first batch ready to be shipped by second week of February. 

We're working on more designs and hope to launch them soon.

All our designs centered around our core philosophy of "Few Things Well".

We want to design the best t-shirts we can and not the most t-shirts we can.

Check out our four designs below.

1. Leaf Print T-shirt - Shop White / Shop Navy

2. Sun Print T-shirt - Shop White / Shop Navy

3. Eye Print T-shirt - Shop White

4. Wave Print T-shirt - Shop White / Shop Navy

Hope you'll enjoy wearing them. And if you like them, consider sharing with your friends


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fashion ebooks
fashion ebooks

fashion ebooks

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