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Build your Wardrobe - Work wear for Internet Tycoons (Nerds) - Infographic

In our “Build your Wardrobe with PS” series after publishing our first Infographic, here’s our second Infographic (Yeh, It may not look like those super creative infographs, but yes, they are going to be very useful and easy to understand) showing essential pieces Internet Tycoons (Nerds) should have in their wardrobe.

Here’s our second Infographic - Build your Wardrobe – Work Wear for Internet Tycoons (Nerds).

Who is a Nerd?

“An intelligent, single-minded expert in a particular technical discipline or profession.”

Why are (most) nerds so bad at dressing well?  Is clothing just something that isn’t important to them?  Is there something more to it?

It’s about the Nerd mindset, most nerds don’t like being told or taught, they always strive to stand out and be different.

Now with the new economy the times have changed, those nerds who used to stay behind their gadgets all the time are now famous, have become billionaires and they are required to show up in public, press conferences and keynotes.

Hence, it’s imperative for them to dress well and look good. While many of those nerds have embraced the fashion and are looking dapper, there are still a lot of guys who are in their dirty jerse and baggy pants.

Now, to help the later, we have come with this infographic which showcases essential pieces these guys should have in their wardrobe.

So, throw away all your Think Geek Shirts and fill up your wardrobe with these pieces.

If you think you’re a Nerd and wish to look Dapper then this Infographic is just for you.

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