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24 T-Shirt Designs We Never Printed.

Designing, creating art or any kind of creative process goes through lot of ups and downs.
So, when we were designing our first few collections at PS, we created more than 200 designs and decided to go with only the best 20 that we liked to be produced. It was a kind of very difficult time (creatively) for us to throw away more than 90% of our creations for which we spent a lot of time and efforts.

However, that was required for several reasons like the cost of production, and we were new, and we didn't know the people who can actually produce some of our extremely complex designs with the best outcomes, and besides that we've always believed that "To create the best you have to be willing to sacrifice"

Now, without wasting much of your time, here are 24 designs out of those 200+ that we never printed but we liked them a lot.

Hope you'll like them too, we'd love to hear your thoughts on these designs, and if you like them please share with your friends.

Tribal Art

Tribal Art Print T-Shirt

Bhagat Singh

Bhagat Singh Print T-Shirt


Gangster Print T-Shirt

Kid in a City

Kid in a City Print T-Shirt

Man in a City

Man in a City Print T-Shirt

Grungy Messenger

Grungy Messenger Tee

Bruce Lee Full Print Tee

Dark Nite

Dark Nite Print T-Shirt


Evil Print T-Shirt


Smoking Man Print T-Shirt


Lion Print T-Shirt

Street Wires

Street Wires Print T-Shirt

Hitman Red

Hitman Guns Print T-Shirt


Hitman Print T-Shirt

Jim Morrison

Jim Morrison Print T-Shirt

Evil Joker

Evil Joker Print T-Shirt

Lion Salvage

Lion Salvage Print T-Shirt


Mustang Print T-Shirt


Ramayan Print T-Shirt

The Wind Power

Windmill Print T-Shirt

The Fusion

Red & Black Print T-Shirt

Tribal Art

Tribal Art Print T-Shirt



Vamp Graphic Print T-Shirt

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  • hardik

    high time you guys print this ones..amazing designs!!!

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fashion ebooks
fashion ebooks

fashion ebooks

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