PS is a premium lifestyle brand for Men. PS stands for uniqueness, out of the box designs and high quality products - LIFESTYLE BY PS

About Us

Hello and Welcome.
We are PS..!

PS is a premium lifestyle brand for Men.
Launched in early 2012, PS envisages to be at a niche in the lifestyle products segment. Apparel and Furniture are the two fields PS has put hands on. The solo aim is not to just sell products but to create a Lifestyle.
Bold expression of ideas along with projection of reality and innovation in the process is the fundamental value of the studio.
Experimenting with techniques, playing with imaginations and curiosities, creating interesting, and appealing products is the way PS does it.
Producing deviant and functional products with fresh ideas and approach is the modus operandi of the studio.
All in all, PS is all about twisting the conventional (Read More on our Blog), always creating something new and pushing the perceptions and possibilities.