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The Brand

 Why we do What we do



We believe in twisting the conventional, pushing the perceptions and the possibilities. 


Our solo aim is to create Lifestyle and not merely to sell products. 


Twisting the Conventional 

What are the conventional ways of making or selling products?

1. Follow the trends

2. Make products that only look good regardless of the quality

3. Make peanuts and market hard to make customer believe that they are actually diamonds.

4. Ask your customers what they want.


We choose None. 




For example,

Why not to ask your customers what they want? 

When we started using mobile phones, we never knew we want something like i-Phone, it was Apple who created a product that was beyond our imagination and expectations. If apple would have asked customers what they want, they would have never been able to create unique products. 


and as, Mr. Henry Ford Said, 


"If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses." 


We do not follow trends and make products that we feel are good.

We believe in pushing ourselves to not only create beautiful designs and graphics but also researching and experimenting with the fundamental materials and techniques we use to create awesome products.

We make sure that the raw material, printing dyes and techniques, etc. we choose are of top quality and most suitable for the kind of products we make.

For Example, We make sure that the fabric we use to make T-Shirts is super soft, top quality and extremely comfortable to wear, along with it being easy to wash and care to last for ages.

We call spade a spade.

There is no sale at PS. Our pricing justifies the efforts and money went into making of the products.   


Pushing the Perceptions and the Possibilities 

If you want excellent designs, super luxury products like major International brands have to offer, you'll have to pay through your nose to get them. In short one has to pay a lot to get good things.

Now that's the perception we have pushed and made products that are of international standards at local prices. Which implies that you can get them without making a hole in to your wallet. 




How we do What we do



Quality is a major 'Mantra' at PS

We love our products and we want you to love our products too.

We research a lot before we start building our products and work with only the best manufacturers around the country. In Apparels, we have a simple test, wear them for a few weeks, wash them multiple times with different parameters and after if we are   happy with the performance of fabric and prints, we approve them and give a go ahead for production.

We run through the complete process, starting with the top quality raw material, right manufacturers, right techniques, right colors and   designs. 

We test all our components, including raw material, technology and final products, to international standards. 




What we do



 PS envisages being at a niche in the lifestyle products segment. Apparel and Lifestyle products are the two fields PS has put hands on.


We have started with a our beloved collection of Graphic printed, super soft, slim fit, bio-wash, 100% cotton tees which you would never-want-to-take-them-off. The designs selected for the 1st phase collections vary from monochrome grunge graphics, vivid images of gods, vibrant pastels, swirly sketches and minimalistic lines that make the collections and hence the tees, in one word, unique. Also available are the posters on premium grade papers of selected designs for the enthusiasts who can’t get enough of it, just from the tees. (View Collection)

The other segment in the PS studio is the lifestyle products, which is undergoing an intense research, both in the fields of design and products manufacturing processes. Twisting the conventional and producing something so unique and exclusive and yet so simple and user friendly is what’s our aim.

We shall be out with some beautiful products just to enrich your lifestyle, pretty soon.


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